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Our Prayer List

Gladys Allen                                                  Milene Bedwell                                            Jeff, Debbie & Smantha Brasher
Beverly Brown
Bobbie Collier
Sarah Dickerson
Savannah & Renee' Easterling
Nell Fleming
Cheyenne (Shiny) Golson
Roy & Brenda Moseley
Lois Renolds
Donnie & Glenda Shelton 
Aileen Sheridan
Kay & Mitch Singleton
Julia Smith
Robin Smith
June Stewart
Jay & Tina Taylor
Dola Tillery
Ann Williams
               Special Request
Pastor Dave Burns
Military Personnel
Our Nation & Leaders


                                       Our Military
Landen Easterling
Ryan Kemp
Tyler Wright
                                         Friends & Relatives
Karsyn Braxton - Renee's  niece
Debi Collier - Bobbie's daughter in law - Alzheimer's
Louise Glass - Kitty's sister
Rhonda Golden - Renee's friend - Lupus
Daryl Johnson - Friend of Ms. Kitty's - Cancer
Mason Lord - 6 yr. old great grandson of Brenda Carter
Rusty O'Neal - Julia's nephew
Elijah Persons - Bob's grandson - Seizures
Pat Pugh - Aileen's daughter - Cancer
Roxi Rieben - Renee's sister
Susan Smith = Julia's relative
Kelsey Swanson - Debi Causey's cousin - car accident
Clara T Wright & family



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